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Healthy with Natural Ingredients

Many years ago when man was much more primitive in nature he had to make the most of what he had in order to survive. The human race has become more accustomed to look for help on how to get healthy from doctors and prescription drugs rather than from natural healing resources such as plants. God in his infinite intelligence created man's body as the perfect healing machine. Notice that when you get a cut on your arm, within 24 hours your skin will rejuvenated itself. Better yet, clip your fingernails and toenails and check them one month later to see if they have grown again. You will find that the answer will be a resounding yes! Learning how to get healthy should never be sought in artificial external sources such as prescription medicines.

According to expert pharmacist Ben Fuchs, "Drugs do not heal people. They stop systems in the body from working that are signaling that something is wrong. There is not a single drug in the world that heals people. Drugs are beneficial if you have a life threatening issue and you need to knock out one of the systems of the body, but only in a temporary fashion." Why we look to drugs to get healthy as our first option is something that has become a part of our thinking through medical dogmas and propaganda. Hundreds of years ago people cured sicknesses with natural remedies and nutrition not with engineered formulas.

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